The airborne group  (Gaé) on the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle  is formed from the units assigned to the naval aviation bases of Landivisiau  (Finistère) and Lann-Bihoué  (Morbihan).

It’s made of:

  • 2 Fighting Flotillas ( 11F , 17F )
  • From an interception flotilla ( 12F )
  • From an Air Watch Fleet ( 4F )
  • Training and Mission Preparation Training Center (CEIPM).

These fleets participate in missions of deterrence, projection of power and control of the air-sea space.

Each mission corresponds to a type of aircraft:

  • The Modernized Super-Standard   (11F, 17F) assists in assault missions against naval and land targets, tactical land or sea reconnaissance, and nuclear deterrence
  • The E-2C Hawkeye  (4F Air Watch) specializes in naval security, flying control and assault guidance against naval and land targets
  • The Rafale1  (12F) performs air superiority missions.

The Gaé  also includes a rescue helicopter detachment and liaison Dauphin  Pedro  from the 35F . 
 It is eventually reinforced by helicopter detachments from other armies (land and air) or other nations.

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