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Shuttleworth Fly Navy 2016

5th June 2016|

In a show firmly aimed at the enthusiasts, Shuttleworth Fly Navy had created a very special line up of Naval aviation for their second show of the year. Noticeable quieter than the opening show, the event had a very relaxed feel to it although the [...]

Shuttleworth Premier 2016

8th May 2016|

The season opener at Shuttleworth was eagerly anticipated for unfortunately the wrong reasons. With the Red Arrows making there first appearance at Shuttleworth in 30 years the majority of the pre show focus was on the likely impacts of the latest CAA regulations and in [...]

The Victory Show 2015

6th September 2015|

The Victory Show is billed as the largest WWII event in the UK and as well as plenty of heavy metal on the ground in the form of tanks and military vehicles it also features a very impressive air display centred around a makeshift airstrip [...]