Bristol Blenheim L6739 | Aircraft Restoration Company

  • STATUS: Airworthy
  • LOCATION: Duxford
  • OWNER: Aircraft Restoration Company
  • ROLE: Light Bomber\Fighter
  • BUILT: 1934
  • LENGTH:  42 ft 7 in\12.98 m
  • WINGSPAN:  56 ft 4 in\17.17 m
  • ENGINE: 2 x Bristol Mercury XV Radial Piston Engines
  • MAXIMUM SPEED:  428 kph\266mph
  • RANGE:  1810KM\1125 Miles
  • ARMAMENT: Two 7.7mm Browning Machine Guns, 1000lb bomb load

Originally designed as the Type 142 fast eight seat passenger plane, the Bristol Blenheim was a huge leap forward for the RAF when it was introduced in 1937 being considerably faster than the Hind Biplane it replaced and was able to outrun most of the fighters of the day. Often considered the forgotten bomber, over 1000 Blenhiem’s were in service when WW2 broke out and a Blenhiem of 139 Squadron was the first to fly over Germany in September 1939.

The Blenheim was a versatile aircraft the achieved success in both day and night fighter as well as bomber role. It also served in air\sea rescue as part of Costal Command.

Bristol Blenheim L6739 is a recent addition to the airshow scene in the unique short nose configuration and started off life as a Canadian license built Bolingbroke Blenheim MK IV. G-BPIV as she is officially registered was restored to flying condition between 1988 and 1993 and flew for 10 years in several colour schemes including W5722, a night fighter Blenheim IV attached to 68 Squadron, QY-C codes of Costal Command\254 Squadron and UX-N\43 Squadron. In August 2003 she was badly damaged and as part of her second restoration the decision was taken to convert her to the short nose Blenheim I configuration using a MK I nose from L6739 who’s markings she carries today.