The USAF 34th Fighter Squadron, known as the Rude Rams, was reactivated in July 2015, marking the beginning of the F-35’s combat era for both the 388th and 419th Fighter Wings. The fighter squadron who’s history can be traced back to Word War II, which included participation in conflicts from Vietnam and the first Gulf War to Iraq and Afghanistan, post 9/11.

The squadron was mothballed as an F-16 Fighting Falcon unit in 2010 as part of an Air Force restructuring plan to retire planes and save money, but it returns to accommodate the F-16’s replacement, becoming the first operational Air Force unit to fly combat-coded F-35s. They are based at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.

This coin was obtained for me direct from the squadron during their visit to RAF Fairford in April 2017.

I’m always looking to buy or trade for squadron coins. Please message me if you have any available.