No. 31 Squadron of the British Royal Air Force (RAF), known as the ‘Goldstars’,[1] currently operates the Tornado GR4 from RAF Marham, Norfolk.

Now part of the Marham Wing, 31 Squadron’s aircraft and crews were part of the RAF Tornado force in the 1991 Gulf War and the Squadron has continued to fly on regular operations over Iraq. During 1999 the Squadron re-equipped with the Tornado GR4. In 1999 31 Sqn participated in Operation Engadine, NATO operations over the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. For the latter part of this operation the Squadron was temporarily based in Corsica. In 2001 No 31 Squadron moved to RAF Marham, and in 2003 formed the core of the Ali Al Salem Air Combat Wing, operating over Iraq during Operation Resinate South and Operation Telic.

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