Southport Airshow 2019

2020-07-19T20:21:29+00:008th September 2019|

Southport Airshow is unusual for a seaside show in that the display takes place over the beach rather than the sea so the date is [...]

Wings over Houston 2018

2019-01-04T16:53:08+00:0020th October 2018|

Wings over Houston 2018, held at Ellington Field just south of Houston, Texas first caught my attention after reading an article on the Texas Flying [...]

Belgian Air Force Days 2018

2024-02-20T08:40:15+00:009th September 2018|

The bi-annual Belgian Air Force Days returned to Kleine-Brogel for the first time since 2014 after alternating with Florennes in 2016. Despite the early promises, [...]

Belgium Air Force Days Arrivals 2018

2019-07-30T19:42:49+00:007th September 2018|

The bi-annual Belgian Air Force Days air show rotates around a number of bases in Belgium and this year it was the turn of Kleine-Brogel [...]

Shuttleworth Military Pageant 2018

2019-01-04T16:57:33+00:001st July 2018|

The Shuttleworth Military Pageant 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I with an impressive line up of first world war [...]

Poznan Air Show 2018

2018-07-23T19:39:00+00:0020th May 2018|

After a very poor day at Tiger Meet there was hope that the Poznan Air Show 2018 would in some way make up for this. [...]

Shuttleworth Premier 2018

2018-08-28T19:44:58+00:006th May 2018|

Sharing the season opener with Abbingdon, Shuttleworth Premier got the nod with a steller line up and the perfect setting for an airshow. Coupled with [...]

Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow 2017

2018-02-04T20:52:55+00:0024th September 2017|

I had missed Duxford Battle of Britain airshow for the past two years following the changes to the crowd line and display distances but the [...]

Scampton Airshow 2017 Arrivals and Departures

2020-06-05T17:54:30+00:0011th September 2017|

With Scampton Airshow 2017 arrivals optimistically spread over 2 days, the Thursday was very quiet with only 5 aircraft arriving, the highlights of which were [...]


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