McDonnell Douglas F-4D Phantom | Collings Foundation

The Collings Foundation‘s F-4 Phantom II 66-7680 is the only flying example of its type in North America. Retired by the United States Air Force in 1996 after nearly 40 years of service, she flew as 65-0749 before spending 3 years at the boneyard at Davis Monthan AFB at the end of her service life.

  • STATUS: Airworthy
  • LOCATION: Ellington Field, Houston
  • OWNER: Collings Foundation
  • ROLE: Fighter
  • BUILT: 1965
  • LENGTH:  63 ft 0 in \19.20 m
  • WINGSPAN:  38 ft 5 in\11.70 m
  • ENGINE: Two 17,900-pound thrust afterburning General Electric J79-GE-15 turbojets
  • MAXIMUM SPEED:  1,485 mph\2356 km/h
  • RANGE:  1,100 miles\1770 km
    • One 20-mm M61A1 rotary cannon
    • Four AIM-7 Sparrow missiles or 3,020 pounds of weapons under fuselage
    • Up to 12,980 pounds of various weapons on underwing pylons

After thousands of hours of labour, the Collings F-4 Phantom took to the sky in August of 1999, flown by former US Air Force ‘Rhino’-driver Harry “D-Day” Daye from its home at Ellington Field in Houston, Texas.

Built in 1965 by McDonnell Douglas, she is painted in the markings of F-4 Phantom II 66-7680, a Phantom II flown by Col. Robin Olds’ during Operation Bolo in the VietNam War.

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