de Havilland Vampire FB.52 (SE-DXE) | Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron

  • STATUS: Airworthy
  • LOCATION: Rygge Air Base, Norway
  • OWNER: Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron
  • ROLE: Fighter
  • BUILT: 1952
  • LENGTH: 9.37m (30 ft 9 in)
  • WINGSPAN:  11.58m (38ft)
  • ENGINE: 1×de Havilland Goblin 3 centrifugal turbojet
  • MAXIMUM SPEED: 548 mph (882 km/h)
  • RANGE: 1,220 mi (1,960 km)
  • ARMAMENT: 4 × 20 mm (0.79 in) Hispano Mk.V cannons, 8 × 3-inch “60 lb” rockets  or 2 × 500 lb (225 kg) bombs or two drop-tanks

de Havilland Vampire FB.52 was the export version of the Mk 6. 101 were built with 36 exported to Norway and in use from 1949 to 1957.​

de Havilland Vampire FB.52 (SE-DXS) was license built in Switzerland in the year of 1952 as serial No 705, the aircraft was flown with the Swiss Air Force marked as Vampire  J-1196 until 1990.  A French owner flew it for a couple of years until it was sold to Christer Andskär in Sweden and registered de Havilland Vampire FB.52 (SE-DXS). The aircraft was purchased from Sweden in May 2011 from Christer Andskär  and is now operated by the Flyvåpnets Historiske Skvadron and based at Rygge Air Base near Oslo in southern Norway.

​The aircraft is now in the Royal Norwegian Air Force markings to represent Vampire PX-K, serving at the 336 squadron in the early 50s, Norway’s first pure jet fighter squadron.

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